CHARLES JENKINS   Advanced RFID Systems Modeling

Charles Jenkins spent the early part of his career designing complex instruments for astrophysical research, and introduced end-to-end modelling of the effectiveness of these systems in dealing with very noisy data. Subsequently he held a senior research appointment with Schlumberger, the oil exploration company, and worked on a variety of communications problems.

Dr. Jenkins led a program to develop the use of RFID tags in oilfield applications, including system-level modeling and statistical analyses including all relevant physics (including turbulence) and holds patents in this area.

Currently he holds a Senior Fellowship at the Australian National University at the Mount Stromlo Observatory, again researching astronomical instrumentation systems from a statistical and physical point of view. He is author (with J V Wall) of the textbook "Practical Statistics for Astronomers" (Cambridge University Press).

He received the the PhD degree from the radio astronomy section of the Cavendish Laboratory of the University of Cambridge, England. He is a Fellow of both the Australian Institute of Physics and the Institute of Physics of the United Kingdom and Ireland.


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